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If you're going to pursue one girl you may as well pursue MANY girls at one time.

There are seasons in every Man's life and one season most Men should experience at least once is the season of ABUNDANCE.

Abundance with women has many names Running a Rotation, Options, Spinning Plates, Casually Dating, or Running a Harem.

A Harem is where you as one Man casually date a number (2 0r MORE) women at the same time for a period of time

That period of time for you can be a few months or few years. Most Men I’ve seen don’t have the energy or interest in running multiple women INDEFINITELY. It’s more commonly for a season, then monogamy (or a derivative of it), then back to rotations throughout  their life.

How many women?

We’ll get into the detailed for the in this book but it really comes down to HOW MANY GIRLS DO YOU WANT TO CASUALLY DATE?

I'll teach you the CORE PRINCIPLES of GAME (Learned Charisma) through the words of the GREATEST Writer on GAME of all time-Chateau Heartiste.

I’ll also help you in selecting girls that are appropriate for this type of relationship.

How to PROPERLY set up a Dating System that you can reliably plug new girls into and move them from STRANGERS to SEX PARTNERS within a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

How to seamlessly SEXUALLY "LOCK-IN" girls on YOUR dick causing them to PURSUE you.

How to move girls into your Harem while keeping your TIME FREEDOM to pursue your interests and other girls.

How to manage girls *and your jealousy issues when they inevitably arise.

We’ll also get deep into the MANAGEMENT of multiple girls at one time. How to approach it, how to set up a weekly schedule, and how to promote and demote girls in your rotation

And finally we’ll cover how girls come and go from rotations and how you’ll most likely close out this season of your life.

How to Build a Harem Bundle is SPECIALLY priced to SAVE you the aspiring Casanova money today.

You'll get

1) The BEST of Chateau Heartiste Vol1 - 29,99 Value

2)The BEST of Chateau Heartiste Vol2 - 29.99 Value

3) Fort Worth Playboys Build Your Dating System - 29.00 Value

4) Your Dating Rotation: a Comprehensive Guide to Building, Managing, and Maintaining Your Rotation of Girls- 29.00 Value

A $117.98 VALUE for ONLY $75

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You'll get 4 Books-1) The BEST of Chateau Heartiste Vol1 2)The BEST of Chateau Heartiste Vol2 3) Fort Worth Playboys Build Your Dating System 4) Your Dating Rotation

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Build A Harem Bundle

0 ratings
I want this!